Looking to purchase something? You’ve got a few options:

  1. Online Store – go here for an online shop experience.
  2. Email Orders – this is new-school/old-school shopping at its finest: send me an email (distaffnspindle at with a description of what you’re looking for. Perhaps you’ve seen a photo of something you’ve got your eye on? Or you’re looking for a specific size/colour of one of our stocked items. Let me know and we can communicate back and forth with photos of what i’ve got in stock to locate the perfect fit for you. We also do custom orders on jewelry and hanging decor products.
  3. In person – you are always welcome to make an appointment for a ‘in-real-life’ shopping experience at my home in Charleswood, Winnipeg where all my stock is located. One on one, or gather a group of friends to come down! Please send me an email to distaffnspindle at; or a Direct Message (DM) via Instagram (@distaffspindle) or Facebook (Facebook/distaffandspindle) or by text to 204.612.0540 to make an appointment.
  4. Markets – A selection of Distaff&Spindle items are available for in person shopping at various Farmer’s Markets around Manitoba. Check out the Events page to see when and where the next Markets are happening.

Purchases can be picked up at my home in Charleswood, Winnipeg, or we can make arrangements to meet for drop-off in Winnipeg or Landmark, Manitoba. Shipping is available at a small additional cost for all items excluding baskets and blankets.

More current sales and promotions are posted regularly on Instagram @DistaffSpindle and Facebook/DistaffandSpindle.

A curated selection of stock is available at the events and markets posted on the Events page.

Below is a short-list of our products for sale.

Totes (currently out of stock)


Raphia baskets in assorted colours, sizes and prints.



Palissandre (Madagascar rosewood) necklace and bracelet. $55 for the set


Job’s tears seed bracelet made with recycled aluminium beads handforged in Madagascar. $18


Zebu-horn necklace. $45


Nicker nut (bonduc) seed and recycled aluminium beads (handforged in Madagascar) necklace. $55

Home Decor

Hanging star/shell ornament. $22


handmade recycled aluminium candle sticks (sold out)


Small simple baskets. Great for catch-alls, and plants. $10
Job’s Tears seeds and recycled aluminium bead necklace and earrings. 3-strand necklace $45; Earrings $15


Bikes hand made from tincans. Small $8; (Med w/o basket $10; Large with basket $12 – currently out of stock)
Bicycles handmade from tin-cans.