Job's Tears Seed Necklace, Single Strand

Job's Tears Seed Necklace, Single Strand

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Made from organic job's tears seeds - a type of grass that grows in tropical regions - this necklace is accented with aluminum beads hand cast from smelted tin cans. The necklace is a summery classic and pairs well with everything. Long enough to loop twice around the neck, the necklace can be worn long or doubled up for varied looks. One larger 'coin' bead lends a unique feature to the piece.

The necklace pictured measures approximately 95cm (37") around, hangs to mid-torso.

Necklace designed + made in Manitoba.

*There is lots of opportunity to play with necklace design, including shape/size of beads, placement, length etc. Please do contact me (Jocelyn) directly if you have a custom order in mind. 

Matching 'Pebble' earrings sold separately.

See how the aluminum beads are made here.