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I've been Insta-Hacked

(Updated April 12 - i regained control over my Instagram account the day after posting this notice - below. Since then I have fortified my security and done some further thinking about how not to be as confined to communicating via Social Media. It is my intent to post more communication here on this website in the future.) _______________________________________ Monday, April 4, 2022. Hi friends, Please note that my Instagram account @DistaffSpindle (currently using the username "DistaffSpiindle" has been overtaken by a hacker. They are posting content about bitcoin investments and are even sending DMs to followers promoting investments. Please do not interact with these messages. You can help by  - Report the scam by clicking on the 3dots in the...

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Acknowledging Limits

Recently I have been battling a sense of frustration in managing this small business. I love this little enterprise and have dreams for the future, but in order to get there, it feels like I need to 'scale my business', make reels, understand the social media algorithms or outsource my Instagram/Facebook posting. I am attempting to gather my tax paperwork for the upcoming tax season and all the while seeking to discern what to include or phase out of the Distaff Collection for the coming year(s). There's no denying that this business does not fit the models of small business enterprises, at least not in my local area of Winnipeg. When I speak with other business owners they are usually making...

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