Shopping Trip To Madagascar 2018

I am going back to Madagascar!
I returned to the Great Red Island mid-October until the beginning of November for a 3-week stock-shopping and photo/video/story gathering trip. It was my hope to return with as many new pieces as i could cram into my luggage, to offer at the winter markets coming up in November and December including:
More heavy hand-woven blankets made from the off-cuts of tshirt making. These beauties are just so wonderful! They are heavy enough that an OT friend of mine in Manitoba suggested they could be used as 'gravity blankets' for those who struggle with sleeping/anxiety. They are wonderful for cozying on the couch in winter months, and pic-nics in the warmer seasons. They are a fabulously textured addition to any decor. It's a shame they're so heavy, otherwise i could bring more back with me in my luggage! :-( They will be available in limited quantities until we sort out how to ship in larger amounts of stock, hopefully(?) for spring.
Various sizes of 'simple baskets' - without handles, perfect as catch-alls, storage, cache-pots (directly translated, hide-pot, for plants) or whatever else you can think of.
Beads and Seeds to use in making the hanging star ornaments, necklaces and jewelry that I create from these recycled materials (aluminium beads and stars made from recycled tin-cans in the traditional method, Job's Tears seeds and Nicker nuts).
Smaller bags/baskets/totes which sold out long ago and some newer designs.
And whatever else i can find and, more of a challenge, fit into my return-trip luggage!
What do YOU want to see? Are there things you'd like to see in stock? I would seriously love to hear from you your suggestions of what to bring, or what to order for a potential - hopeful! - shipment in the next half-year. Leave a comment here, or send me a note at distaffnspindle at
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