Stamp and labels

After much hemming and hawing about design, colours, and what all i wanted/needed included on the labels and stamp, i finally just bit the bullet and had them made as simply as possible. I used the money i had earned from my garage sale a few weeks ago to pay for these investments so that it wouldnt be coming out of the D&S fund. It cost me 101,000Ar for 1000labels and 35,000Ar for the stamp. (a total of approx. 63$) I'm definitely happy with the labels and they definitely smarten up the merchandise, making them look more professional. Just a bit nervous that i should have included more address information like the website or a phone number on the label so people seeing something we've made in someone else's house or having received it as a gift can locate us should they want to order something further. alas. well, after we make and sell 1000 pieces perhaps we'll have learned better how to make the labels more useful. ha.

The stamp is small enough that it fits onto the tags i can make with the tag-punch i bought in Canada. The stamp says:

Distaff stamp

"fait main" (hand made)

"" (this website)

"aider les pauvres" (help the poor)

My friend Kristina helped me with the correct French, so if it's wrong it's because we had a communication problem haha. I wanted to ensure that there was some indication of our purpose to help the poor with the proceeds of the items sold - but it's difficult to be clear with such a small area of space within to write.

labels from Labeltex

The guy i dealt with at Labeltex was super helpful and friendly and spoke English to me. And, they used email communication, which i found extremely convenient since their office is located at the Galaxy center, a good 45 minutes drive from my house when the traffic is bad.

pleased as punch, i do declare.