I've been Insta-Hacked

(Updated April 12 - i regained control over my Instagram account the day after posting this notice - below. Since then I have fortified my security and done some further thinking about how not to be as confined to communicating via Social Media. It is my intent to post more communication here on this website in the future.)


Monday, April 4, 2022.

Hi friends, Please note that my Instagram account @DistaffSpindle (currently using the username "DistaffSpiindle" has been overtaken by a hacker. They are posting content about bitcoin investments and are even sending DMs to followers promoting investments. Please do not interact with these messages.

You can help by 

- Report the scam by clicking on the 3dots in the upper right corner of the scammer's Instagram post (in this case, the one that is promoting bitcoin) and report the post as a scam.

- don't unfollow yet. I am hoping to regain control of this account in the next 2-3 days and get it back to normal, but with added security.

- be sure to recheck all your own accounts - both on Instagram, but also bank accounts, etc. to ensure you have 'Two-Factor Authentication' enabled to prevent this happening to you.


A re-post of my personal Facebook update:

This hacking issue is truly a supreme nuisance! gah! and so confusing to rectify!!

I *think* I have gone through the correct steps. i got a notice that I would be notified about my claim in 1-2 days. so. now I just wait to see if that's true.
Thank you to everyone who let me know i was hacked. 😊 I've never received so many immediate responses to a post before. 😂
Please do recheck and double-authenticate all your accounts. And, don't help anyone out via dm requests, even from people you know! If it doesn't make sense, just don't do it. i think I was hacked due to a fellow maker texting me this morning with strange requests. ( sadly. my ignorance/innocence was a major hazard in this instance.) alas. it's embarrassing, for sure. but also just sad that my willingness to help out is taken advantage of. 😔
However! I am so chuffed to hear that many of you knew my ig post was a scam because you know me well enough to know that:
1. I know how to spell! 😂 (the scammers misspelled my usernames)
2. I'm not someone who would message you about bitcoin. LOL