Growing the Nations Therapy Programmes

Now that Josh and I no longer live in Madagascar, Distaff&Spindle has redirected the investment of profits to well organized non-profit organizations that focus their aid on the poorest of the poor. One of these is Growing the Nations Therapy Programmes.
Me and Anri-Louise this last October as we gathered the stories for the GNTP + Distaff collab.
Anri-Louise is one of my dearest friends. She has done some pretty mind-blowingly amazing things in Madagascar! Years ago she was the only Occupational Therapist on the whole Island. Since then she has worked with the Ministry of Public Health to develop OT programs within the Université d'Ankatso located in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar. They recently celebrated the graduation of the first Occupational Therapists training in Madagascar. Talk about changing the world! She did this in addition to all the therapy she and her volunteers were giving to the very poor and isolated peoples battling physical and mental disabilities.
Here, below, you can listen to Anri share about her work with GNTP and how Distaff sales affect their NGO.


Please visit the Growing the Nations website for more stories and information about their life-transforming work!!
Most recently GNTP used funds from Distaff&Spindle profits to purchase the supplies necessary to build standing frames for children with Cerebral Palsy, like the ones you see in the video above. The standing frames, and all the equipment that GNTP designs and builds for their clients, are built from materials that can be found within Madagascar, making this a sustainable project for the people there.
Very simple, yet very effective, standing frame
This foam, here designated for the girl Fitia you see in the video, is the material Distaff funds were recently used to purchase.
Fitting the child, Fitia, into her standing frame
The special shoes: stiff in the back, with laces up over the ankle, which are necessary to help keep the legs straight. If you ever find such, please send them my way, or to Anri directly, as they are in desperate need of this type of shoe donations.
Fitia and her mom saying goodbye after a morning at GTNTP fitting her new standing frame