It`s very cold just now here in Tana.

As i lie in my warm bed with a huge wool comforter i think uncomfortably about Fanja and her children sleeping in a house without glass in their windows, with only a wooden door - undoubtedly with gaps between the door and the frame - a curtain hung on the inside as a flimsy guard between the 9C outside and the sleeping family inside.

So we decided to get some polar fleece and sew up some cozy blankets for her kids.


She told me today that where normally her children are up a few times during the night because they`re cold and therefore calling for her to help, last night - with the new blankets swathing each child in warmth - they slept without incident.

Even apart from warming children, the thought that new blankets give a mom of 4 an uninterupted night of sleep: priceless.

Thanks to those who bought beautiful things in our Manitoba Sale last year and those who donated thread - we used the money and the thread to make a cozy night for 4 kids and a hardworking mom.