Attelier Afternoon

We had Fanja's girls over last week to help make ornaments for the sale. They were reportedly excited to come down and help out, but i couldnt tell myself. ha. They were so quiet! We made a whopping 175 ornaments in the 2 hours they were here. Almost done!
making ornaments, beans, nut-crust 002
My own boys were also keen to help out... for 45 minutes. :-)
making ornaments, beans, nut-crust 003
making ornaments, beans, nut-crust 004
Sarah, Kesia, and Rebekah
Sarah, Kezia, and Rebekah
These young women are also attending an English Club run by a friend of mine, so we practiced speaking English together as we strung beads onto string. Funds from the Distaff sales have and will continue to pay their school fees and supplies.