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How It's Made: Aluminum Atelier AluMada

All of Distaff&Spindle's Smelted Aluminum Products (anything that looks silver in our collection :-) ) is handmade from smelted tin-cans at AluMada's 'Founderie de L'Ocean Indien' (Foundry of the Indian Ocean) a small family-run, Woman Owned workshop located just off Ivato Road in Antananarivo, the Capital City of Madagascar. Here you can see photos of the making process and read about the background of this creative enterprise. I have included a blog post I wrote about our field trip to the founderie in 2014 and an excerpt from an AluMada publication, and the photos I took of the making process. There are many such Aluminum Making locations in Mada, as the Malagasy use Smelted Aluminum to create much of their...

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