Manahoana from Madagascar!

A (long, sorry) rundown of my Distaff shopping trip so far in Madagascar.

Dear Josh,
It’s been just over a week that i’ve been back in Madagascar. There was a bit of a snaffu with Ethiopian Airways… or rather, it was partly my fault for not paying attention to the minute cues they sort of give as to when to board the bus that takes you to the plane… so i missed my flight from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Tana. Gosh, that was stressful! I WAS in the right spot for boarding, but – honestly – there are NO signs, NO clocks, NO announcements that i heard, indicating that it was time for me to board, nor WHERE to go for boarding. Gah!! So when i clued in that it was time for my flight to Tana to depart and i was still waiting to board, i asked the staff guy, and found out the plane had already left. Then it was all…

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