Summer Sales

It’s summer in the City! Distaff&Spindle will be set up with baskets, tableware, tin-can bikes, hanging star ornaments, and drift-seed jewelry at these events:

Winnipeg Night Market May 25+26 at the Forks Festival Field and Stage 5:00-11:00pm. I hear there will be DJ and dancing, food trucks, and many other vendors. 🙂 This is our first official Winnipeg public event!


That same Saturday, May 26, a dozen or so Distaff&Spindle baskets will be for sale at the Paradise Drive Street (garage) sale. Thanks so much to friends willing to host our baskets for that day!!

I’ve left 9 baskets on consignment with Public General Store on Sherbrook Street in Winnipeg. So thankful for amazing shop owners who give me a spot on their shelves even though they don’t know me from Adam. They’ve got some amazing stuff in that little store, check it out!

The first Friday in June (June 1) Distaff&Spindle will be set up at the popular Alleyways Market in the East Exchange District. I’m pretty stoked about that! It looks amazing!


In preparation for these events we’ve hooked up with Square to enable us to take credit card (mag stripe) payments in addition to cash. Yowzas! (I’m still easily impressed with how easy everything is in Canada. :-D)

As always, you can contact me directly to make an order for pickup or delivery. Contact us at:

Instagram: distaffspindle

Facebook: DistaffandSpindle

Phone Text: 204.612.0540

Some of the items available during the summer sales: (click on an image to enter slideshow)

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