What’s in Stock: February 2018

While we don’t have an online ‘shop’ per se, I have recently been invited to a few home-hosted-events with an assortment of stock in tow. Attendees can view the selection online, which i will continue to add to in the coming days. If you let me (or the host) know your preferences from the photos i’ll do my best to include those in the stash i bring along. Seems to be working well for now.

Baskets are simply too expensive to mail at this point, sadly. So pick up or hand-delivery are all that’s on offer just now. Please message me if you’re interested in dropping in for a look, I’ve got most of my stock  in the Charleswood area of Winnipeg and a ‘satellite shop’ 🙂 in Landmark.

If you haven’t already found us on other Social Media, we’re posting regularly on the DistaffandSpindle Facebook page and on Instagram @DistaffSpindle

Click on a picture to enter the slide show.

Please see the December 2017 post for more pictures of basket stock.

Hanging ornaments are made by me with seeds and shells found in Madagascar, in addition to stars and beads hand-cast by AluMada. Check out the Artisan Profile on AluMada for a fascinating look at how recycled aluminium is re-cast into beautiful objects!

Also, for more information on the makers of some of our baskets, and a general idea of how the baskets are made, please see the ‘Story’ page on the Ravinala UK website. Ravinala UK is the company that manages the basket and throw-blanket making in Madagascar for many of the products we sell in Manitoba. If you’ve already bought one of our products you may have a tag that says ‘BOO’ or ‘Ravinala’ on it. If so, there will be a name written there which indicates who made it. You can find the photo of this person at the Our Story link.

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