2015 Season

It’s time to start storing up treasures in the work room! πŸ™‚

It seems this website serves mostly as a run-up to the bi-annual Distaff & Spindle sales that happen in Southern Manitoba when we return with bags bursting with baskets and all manner of other beautiful hand-made Malagasy products. I’m thrumming with enthusiasm just thinking about it. I do so love shopping on your behalf!

We’re due to return to the province this coming June-ish for a few months. My parents also happen to be visiting in December to take in another steamy-hot Christmas holiday season. I’m hoping i can cram their bags – undoubtedly crammed coming this direction with gifts and Manitoban pork sausage – with the start of the 2015 stock. πŸ™‚ I may just put my mom to work helping find some good stuff, i’m sure it will be a difficult chore for her. haha.

Fanja, the dear woman who benefits from these sales with school fee money for her 4 children and aid to purchase her own sewing machine, has begun working on various embroidery projects with the sale in mind. I’ve benefited from her expertise in the last while as she gifted me some beautiful bird-themed cushions as a baby gift when we returned two Augusts ago. I can’t even imagine the amount of time it took for her to make them, yowzers! She’s currently creating more bird motif cloth serviettes for my table. πŸ™‚

Let this post be an open door to hear from you what sorts of things you’d like to put on the Distaff shopping list. Baskets, obviously, are going to take up the bulk of the bins we bring back, but it’s always nice to hear what our clients would like to see more of – things that sold before you could get your hands on one for yourself, perhaps? Something that’s already worn out with much use? Let me know. And take a look through the previous posts from sales past for what we’ve had before.

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