Still up for Grabs

Distaff sale day 039

Raw silk scarves:

loose weave – $25

(from top down)

multi coloured stripe (SOLD)

green & brown stripe

red & brown stripe

dark blue or indigo (SOLD)



the most beautiful dark teal/blue-green (SOLD)

moss green

finer weave – $30

vibrant pumpkin orange

dark autumn red (SOLD)

Distaff sale day 038

Cotton: green, (bright yellow and buff yellow already sold) – $18/pc

Distaff sale day 035


oval, 8 carat amethyst, (purple) unset – $35

garnet (red) earrings and pendant – $35

garnet (red) earrings – $28

black jasper earrings – ((SOLD)

Aqua-marine studs – $35 (SOLD)

jasper pendants, no string/setting – $10/pc

seed necklaces – $4/pc

Distaff sale day 034

foot scrubbers – $8 (SOLD)

aluminum cuff bracelets – $12 lg

Distaff sale day 032

Distaff sale day 031

top, fireside batik – SOLD

small batik paintings (2 – above) 20$/pc

Distaff sale day 028

Baskets and Bags:

small red checkered – $25

natural coloured and black trim straw basket – bell shape. no lining – $30

natural coloured and brown leather trim straw basket, bell shape. lining. (3 available) – $35

Brown croc-skin leather purse. top zip, inner pocket, no lining. – $30

Red croc-skin leather wallet. – $15

Wood whale with baby – $15

Distaff sale day 025

Crochet outter, inner lining, top zip, bag. Natural and black or Natural and blue – $25

Distaff sale day 024

Zebu leather messenger bag. Purple. inner and side zip. Shoulder strap buckle – $35

Distaff sale day 023

Natural colour, with brown leather buckle trim. top zip, inner lining, bag. -$25 (SOLD)

Natural and yellow zebra print basket, inner lining. Large. $35 (SOLD)

Dark brown basket with polka dot motif. Small. inner lining. $25 (SOLD)

Large, Natural colour, crochet outter basekt. No lining. – $35 (SOLD)

Teal and natural stripe purse. top zip, inner lining. – $25 (SOLD)

Distaff sale day 019

Wood products:

Palissandre recipe box with hidden lock – $35 (SOLD),

but i have my own that i brought with me, which i would sell for $30 if you want it. (SOLD)

Wenge wood large bowl – $35 (SOLD)

Medium wenge wood oval bowl – $25

Medium palissandre, medium brown colour bowl – $25

Medium small dark wood bowl, with crack – $10 (SOLD)

Small deep bowls, from bottom to top:

dark brown – $12, medium brown -$12, reddish brown -$12, medium brown (smallest).-$10

Distaff sale day 018

Large oval platter/dish – $30 (SOLD)

Smaller oval platter/dish – $20 (SOLD)

Distaff sale day 016

Distaff sale day 017

Wood inlay Tea box with 4 inner compartments – $25

Distaff sale day 012

Palissandre wood knife rests, set of 12 (1 set still avail). $20/pc

My mom has these and uses them as decoration on her oven hood. They have a neat silhouette. Or you can use them as intended – to rest your dirty knife instead of putting onto the table cloth. They are ubiquitous in the market, but, strangely, now that i think on it, i don’t think I’ve ever seen them used in restaurants in Mada…

Distaff sale day 013

Set of 6 small cocktail napkins. Hand embroidered with poppy motif on dark brown cloth. $20 (SOLD)

Distaff sale day 011

Set of 10 hand embroidered serviettes with blue bird motif. $25 (SOLD)

Distaff sale day 010

Large raphia and wood trivet – $10/pc (SOLD)

Small raphia and wood trivet – $6/pc – (SOLD)

Red, set of 6 raphia placemats – $12 (SOLD)

Also, 1 table set available (includes 1 runner, 6 placemats) in red/linen coloured stripes No photo. sorry. 20$

Distaff sale day 005

Large ‘african woman’ batik painting – $30 (SOLD)

Straw hats – 5$/pc. Sisal no longer available.

Distaff sale day 014

Assorted un-set gem stones

Citrines (yellow and brown/champagne) – $10/pc

Beryls (pink, salmon coloured) – $30/pc

Aqua marines – depending on size – $35+/stone

Tourmalines (pinks and greens) – $20+/stone

Green apetite – $35 (on hold)

Distaff sale day 015

50gram packet vanilla beans – $8 (SOLD OUT)

packets of beans with mold, seeds inside still good – free. (thrown out)


Purchasing notes:

Leave me a note in the comments* or send me an email** with the description of the item(s) you wish to purchase and your contact information (email, phone number).

*(all comments are modified/seen by me before they are published. I will not publish any contact information or other private info)

**My email address is: jrplett at gmail dot com

I would prefer if you could come by to pick up your purchases in person as I’m not keen on posting them in the mail. We can arrange delivery/pick-up details when you make your requests.

First come (first email or comment seen by me) first served.

I will update this post with what has already been purchased and what is no longer available, but please forgive me if I’m not entirely up to date with stuff. I am still expecting to have a baby in the next short while, so that may delay my response to you and my updates. I will respond to the comments/emails in order of receipt.

9 Comments Add yours

  1. rhondablogs says:

    red placemats, please. 🙂

    also, i’m very interested in that purple bag, but would like to see it first. so if someone else wants it before i get there, don’t hold it for me.


    1. jocelynr says:

      Ack. Sorry, the red placemats are already sold.
      The bag, i think it’ll still be here when you come.


  2. gloria james says:

    i would like to buy 4 small trivets please.


    1. jocelynr says:

      ok. are you still interested in those small storage baskets? i still have some of those too. Let me know when you’re coming by.


  3. sharon peters says:

    Can I add a foot scrubber to my wish list?
    Is there a time tomorrow that would be good for pick up?


    1. jocelynr says:

      will do. tomorrow afternoon is best.


  4. deb loewen says:

    jocelyn! i picked up a whack of stuff today and i’m seeing now that the cracked bowl was 12.00 and NOT 10.00, which is what i paid you, which means i owe you another 2 bucks… will try to remember to drop it off next time i’m in town! sorry!


    1. jocelynr says:

      Deb, it was marked down to 10 after the sale. Dont worry. I just didnt change the ticket.


  5. Tina Plett says:

    Hi Jocelyn, I would love to purchase a large bag like Jodi Penner’s. I see there’s a zebra print still available – can I come look at it?
    Tina Plett


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