Post Sale Update


I hope the customers didnt mind too much that i made them wait outside in the sunshine until 9:30 this morning until the sale began. 🙂

There were people waiting before then, ringing the doorbell while those of us on the hosting team set out the remaining items. The rush happened again just like last time, most of the people in and out within the first 45 minutes, but it was hard to tell whether there were as many people because we did a much better job at setting things out in such a way that things didn’t get too congested.Things were set up in such a way that there wasn’t too many items in each room, each one flowing into the next and finally out the back onto the deck where Josh and Rachelle served as cashiers (thanks to them for their help!) and the lemonade and coffee invited after-purchase loitering.

It didnt feel as much like a mad-house as it did last time, i thought. Hurrah for that! This may also have something to do with the fact that there were more items for sale than last time, especially baskets. (In fact, there are Still! baskets for sale after the fact!)

Distaff sale day 001

Baskets, aprons, bags.


Distaff sale day 004

jewelry, vanilla and foot scrubbers


Distaff sale day 006

bags. all still available now after the sale.


Distaff sale day 007

through the window into the sun room where the scarves, jewelry, etc. were.


Distaff sale day 003

shameless MAF advertising/plea for supporters.


Distaff sale day 009


Distaff sale day 008Wood items – most still available


Distaff sale day 002



On Monday the items still available will be posted here to see. You can order/inquire in the comments. They (the comments) need to be moderated by me before they’re published, so you can leave your contact information there so i can respond to you directly.


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