still on for the sale tomorrow morning


I did say earlier that i would post here and on facebook in case something (ie. a baby being born) would disturb our normally scheduled sale. (Saturday, June 22, 9:30am until 11:30am at 17 Siskin Bay).

As far as i’m aware, we’re still on. Check in again tomorrow morning before you come to be 100%, but i think we’re all good to go. 🙂

See you there!


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  1. Rita Nisly says:

    Good morning, Jocelyn, I would be interested in buying some vanilla beans and one of those little “make up bags” with a zipper on top. I realize it’s late to order so I’m only expecting to get these IF they are left over. I would have a friend of mine pick them up for me. IF you have these two items left after your sale, please let me know prices and I will send you a cheque. Thank-you, Rita Nisly



    1. jocelynr says:

      Hi Rita. Thanks for your note. Does this mean you wont be at the sale? How much vanilla do you want? I can set some aside for you. And, what do you mean by ‘make up bags’? did you see a recent photo of one? because i did not sew up any zip pouches for the sale…


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