Vanilla Beans

I’ve had many inquiries about vanilla beans. There will be some at the sale tomorrow morning. (see previous post: Sale Poster, for the deets)

We’ve just finished weighing them out into 50 gram packets, with a few left over for individual bean purchase.

There will also be some old beans available at a discounted price.


Vanilla beans can be kept in a loosely packaged parchment paper, or in the freezer. I suspect that keeping moist beans in an airtight container would cause molding. That being said, the stuff you use for baking – the seeds inside the bean – arent usually affected by mold/fuzz that grows on the outside. Please see the Vanilla Bean tab at the top of the blog for recipes and care instructions.


Mostly we use our beans jammed in a bottle of vodka – to make vanilla essence –  or just the bean scraped out of seeds to flavour icing, ice cream, and home made yogurt.


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