Sale Tips and Notes

Distaff, June 2013 008

This year’s sale there are many more baskets available for purchase. It seems as though the baskets are – by far – the most popular item. I think this because most people, when they request things for me to bring them, almost always request a basket. And, the last time i had a sale, the baskets were the hot ticket item – so much so i thought perhaps we’d have fist fights in the entrance over the limited supply and the high demand!

So i brought as many as i could this time around, but there still will not be enough for everyone who wants one, i can tell you that already. Prepare yourself mentally to not get one, just in case. πŸ™‚

One thing that has changed this year, however, is that customers will be allowed only one basket per person. And please, let’s be honest here and not get your neighbour to go in and purchase one for you just so you can have more than one. πŸ™‚

If you’re desperate for more baskets, may i suggest that you make early-bird pre-orders the months prior to my departure from Madagascar next time and/or when someone from Manitoba is going to Madagascar for a visit and will have space in their bags for a few extra items. Some clever women did this already this time around and, i for one, think this is a brilliant idea. This way i know exactly what you want, and you are guaranteed the item you want before the mayhem of the sale. You can pre-order by staying informed on this blog and on the Distaff facebook page, as i tend to start updating again when i begin purchasing stock for our next trip back to Canada. When you hear that someone is coming back to Manitoba in the next short while make an order.

Distaff, June 2013 011

Raw silk and cotton scarves, cotton pareos

It will be hectic at the sale again this year, i’m pretty sure. While i would love to have the kind of sale where people can come and browse in a calm environment, where i can set up my stock in lovely vignettes, it’s just not the nature of this company. The fact is, the stock is unique and only comes into town once every 2 years. You can’t get this stuff in stores. Not genuine articles at least. I did see very similar baskets to mine at Target. They probably will last longer than mine because they’re mass produced and have quality control. Also, there is only so much i can bring over with the space we have in our luggage (we are having another child to increase our permitted bag allowance. πŸ˜‰ ) so there’s not a huge amount of stock available.

All this to say, if you plan to come, please plan to come early (doors open at 9:30am). The last time most of the stock was gone within the first 20 minutes.

I am planning to sell items at a discount after the sale by facebook/website. If you’re appalled at the price of an item, or can’t make it to the sale in the first place, stay tuned here for post-sale-promotions. While i will not have the opportunity to change prices during the sale itself as I’m anticipating that things will be pretty hectic, if you want an item but don’t think the price is appropriate, just leave it at the sale. If it’s left over, i can discount it at a later date.

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  1. can’t wait to hear how fast it all goes this year! Excited for you and for all your hard work shopping for this stuff to pay off! You deserve it….:)


    1. jocelynr says:

      thanks Heather.
      (and, you’re a goof! lol)


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