Stocking up

I got a call last night from a man from the Digue market telling me that my box was ready for pick up, so I spent a few hours there today picking up my order and doing some Distaff stock shopping. It’s a tough job. ha. Actually, it is a bit tricky at times knowing what people will find worth buying at the sale. Being out of Canada for as long a period as I have already, I’m a bit out of it as far as what’s ‘hot’ and what’s not. Any help on that front, suggestions of what the trends are and what you’re yearning for or hoping will be available this year at the Sale, would be highly appreciated!!

Sale date will be announced sometime in Spring. Stay tuned here and on the Facebook page for the deets.

Distaff Shopping Jan 26 002

This is Antoine, my recipe box supplier. He’s very good at taking orders and getting them completed within a week or several days. Now that I give him an actual recipe card as a measure, the boxes are coming out the right size whereas before they were a bit too small and I had to cut down all my cards. 😦 Amazingly, when I brought the smaller boxes (2) back to ask if I could exchange them for a larger size he was agreeable to that! I hope this is because he realizes that I’ll continue to come back to him because we’ve built a relationship of mutual trust… either that or he’s ridiculously overcharging me for the product and doesn’t want to lose me as a customer. ha.

Distaff Shopping Jan 26 004

Bought some of these beautiful small one-piece-of-wood bowls – a set of 5 different sizes in varied shades of Palisandre. So lovely! Of the same family of shops I found some stunning large fruit/popcorn/salad bowls from a different kind of dark wood which the lady told me was unique to Madagascar… in marking down all the stuff I bought and how much I paid for them I forgot to ask her again for the name of the wood, so I’ll have to go back another day and get it from her.

Distaff Shopping Jan 26 003

In the zebu-leather bag shop i attempted to find some nice bags/purses in funky colours, since ‘someone’ said they were keen on that. 😉 Unfortunately the colours they had in shop included only natural light leather colour, and yellow… meh. (or do you like that?) Besides that fact, the seller reeked of alcohol at 11am. No thanks. Those crocodile bags in the photo are so beautiful to me but a) they are way more expensive than I’m willing to pay for a bag, b) my husband would kill me if i spent more money on myself when I’m at the market to purchase for Distaff and c) I don’t think I can actually bring croc-skin products through customs in Canada. So. Tough darts for y’all who want such.

Distaff Shopping Jan 26 006

Digue market, mid-day. It was Bright! and Hot!

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