First Madagascar Public Sale

sale table

My son’s French elementary school had a garage sale December 3 (incidently, my son’s birthday – so it was a hectic day for me: prepping the birthday party and the sale items the week before and then sitting the sale for the morning, leaving early to pick up drinks and whatnot and then rushing home to get everything set up for the 13:30 party. phew! glad that’s over!) It was the first public show of our stuff and i knew i had to go, despite the hecticness of the weekend, simply for exposure. There are a number of Christmas sales going on around town these weeks, but all those places required, at the very minimum, 60,000Ar table fee, and i wasnt prepared to pay that for the amount of stuff we had to sell. I was VERY glad i didnt sell at the Marche de Noel at the Au Bois Vert this last weekend because it was super high-end and i’m not sure i’ve reached that level of professionalism yet. or if we ever will. We’ll see. I did get a lot of good ideas there though.

This sale, however, was small and low key, the table fee was only 10,000Ar and the clientele was quite large, surprisingly. I only stayed 2 hours though, from 9:00-11:00, which would most likely explain my abysmal success at selling. As i was packing up the French woman next to me asked in surprise, “you’re going already?! it’s just picking up speed now!” Ah well. I didnt want to push it with the birthday party immediately afterward. Family first, as they say. I did sell one zip pouch and took an order for a lambahoany bag… which i got half done before my sewing machine died 2 days ago. Gah!

kid and adult sized aprons, baby bibs and kid sized bags


zip pouches, embroidered serviettes, and baby quilt

ha, and you can see that i was prepared with english/french dictionary should someone stump me with a word i didnt know. Well, that and i wanted to do some translation work with the Psalm 31 text, so i did that while i sat the table… and made paper coin garlands for my son’s birthday party immediately after the sale.

baby quilt

check out those colours, isnt that amazing?! I want to have another baby just so I can use that quilt – totally love it!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. chefheather says:

    i can’t wait to shop at your store :). I have an idea for you but don’t know where you’d like me to put my suggestion, since it pertains to this store in particular. It is something i’d love to have in my own home and think it might be a nice item for many others as well.


  2. fiona says:

    just read your comment under the last picture of the colourful baby quilt. haha 🙂 you know i love what you make!!! you are so creative and everything looks good! i want to order placemats for when you come home next. i’d love something brown. darker is better 🙂 or a khaki green would be good too. i’d take 10.


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