Almost December

There are a few new serviette sets that are ready for Saturday to sell (photos to come). I’m planning to put up a few more lambahoany aprons and embroidered ones. I’ve got children’s lambahoany aprons. and zip pouches. I’ll have finished the baby quilt by Saturday as well. The most exciting development, however, is the new labels i’ve ordered to advance our marketing/branding. Woot! I got to take two samples home two weeks ago after i visited Labeltex to suss out what, exactly, i was prepared to order and pay for. Since the minimum order is 1000 labels i knew i’d need to choose something i’d be willing to live with for a LONG time! I’m content with my choice and am now hopping with impatience to pick up my order so i can tack them to all my schwag. teehee. The labels to make the items look more professional, even Josh thinks so. “Like a real business company!” he said. I’m curious to know though if anyone has ideas for cloth napkin designs. Or even for embroidered aprons. Essentially all i do is draw out the outline of some image (the birds, for example, or dandelions) and then Fanja takes the design home and embroiders it out onto the cloth. It’s lovely. I’d be thrilled to see some ideas from abroad though. Send me your designs if you have them. We’re making good use of the thread we were donated in Canada. Thanks again!!

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