I’ve attempted to create a “Products” page where interested clients can view examples of things that we can make/ have made. It’s located in the upper right corner.  Not all the photos show items that are currently in stock, but you are welcome to order something based on what we’ve already created, choosing your own colours and sizes and whatnot. Depending on what’s going on around us and how difficult it is to find the fabric, it takes approximately a week to complete a project. Prices are available upon request. All proceeds go towards the Distaff&Spindle fund which helps women and children in need (to pay school fees, doctor’s visits, emergency costs, etc.)

To order, either send me an email (if you know my email address) or write a comment on the blog. All comments are mediated by myself, so no one sees your comment until i allow it to appear. I wont post comments of other people’s orders. 🙂

Please take a gander at the page and, if you have the time and inclination, please let me know if it’s easy enough to navigate. I welcome any suggestions or new ideas.

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