my cup overfloweth


i sent out a notice to one of our home churches yesterday with a call for sewing and quilting thread. I thought i would get in maybe a handful of spools that i could take along and use for projects. I was not anticipating the bags full that came along and all the women who told me that they had forgotten theirs at home and could they please come by my house later this week and drop them off. Lovely. I love when there are so many people who jump at the chance to de-clutter and bless others in one act of kindness. My cup overflows and i thank you.

Should you have embroidery thread and/or quilting thread, we’ll still take those, however i think we’re good to go with the sewing threads that have already come in.

Also still looking for a small single hole punch.

This week i’m off to the grocery store to get last minute items for my own family and also for the ladies: prenatal/pre-conception vitamins, blue/red/green ballpoint pens (because pens in Mada suck! and Fanja asked for pens in particular). Maybe some pencil cases if i can find good quality for a good price. I’m also debating sewing them since we’ll still have all of August before school starts. I may also go to the Public Health Offices to stock up on nutrition books en francaise.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently of how to teach good nutrition on a shoestring budget, does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? If the ladies and their families could make a habit of eating well it’s possible that vitamins would be unnecessary. I’ll have to research it, although i’m unsure where to start.

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