Post Sale


All that pricing gave me cramps in my shoulder and neck.

jewelry tree

I couldnt figure out how to display all the earrings. These christmas trees stood in in a pinch.

Below are the photos of the items still available for purchase. Please send me a message either via email or by leaving a comment on this site if you’re interested in something. Note: all comments have to be previewed by me before they’re visible to the public, and i will not publish comments with private information including contact info and requests for purchase.

sleeveless tshirt
green 'travelers palm' tshirt. smaller
black 'travelers palm' tshirt. larger

black tshirt – sold.

green striped table runner and 6 placemats set.

Sun hat – sold.

sun hat

it’s a darker burgundy. The week before the sale i actually saw someone at McNally wearing a hat exactly like this. I’m certain it was made in Madagascar. I turned around, followed the lady down the aisle and stopped her to say that i liked her hat and to ask where she had found it and whether it had been expensive. She told me that she had searched everywhere for a hat like this and had found this one at a shop on Corydon. She thought it hadnt been too expensive, she had paid 40$. (!) It’s still available for sale at 15$. 🙂

Lambahoany aprons

Aprons sold.

These aprons are made from strips of lambahoany, which are pieces of brightly coloured cloth that Malagasy women use for, among other things, carrying their babies on their backs, as wrap skirts and sarongs, and strung up as shade for their market stalls.There are three left. But they’re a bit petite.

bird feeder toy

i think people just didnt see this. if you move the toy in a flat circle the bottom pendulum makes the birds peck at their feed bowl. classic.

tortoise shell earings 96
tortoise shell earings and pendant set

Tortoise Shell earrings and pendant – sold.

shell earrings 98, 97

round shell earrings – sold.

tortoise shell earrings 94
tortoise shell earrings 93 - Sold
tortoise shell earrings 92
tortoise shell earrings 91
tortoise shell earrings 90 - sold
striped handbag - large

Handbags – Sold.

shell and coconut button cushion covers - the three on the right are still available.

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  1. Karina says:

    Cute aprons 🙂


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